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Saturn were used to search for unknown satellites and rings by measuring the absorption of energetic charged particles. The top figure shows the profiles of charged particle intensities as the spacecraft moved toward and away from Saturn. Drops in the counting rates show the absorption by Mimas and several other possible rings or satellites closer to the planet. 52 R S . The middle figure shows the absorption in greater detail. The lower figure shows the eight-second absorption of 1979S2. Scientists concluded that this peculiar effect must have been the result of Pioneer Saturn 's passage through the magnetic wake of an unknown satellite, apparently missing collision by no more than a few thousand kilometers.

Both wide-angle and narrow-angle television cameras are required to obtain the highest possible resolution while retaining the capability to study global-scale features on the giant planets. The wide-angle camera has a focal length of 200 millimeters, providing a field of view of about 3 degrees, similar to that obtained with the 500-millimeter telephoto lens on a 35-millimeter camera. 4 degrees. The detectors are selenium-sulfur vidicon television tubes, 11 millimeters square, designed for slow-scan readout, requiring 48 seconds to produce each picture.

Broadfoot U. Southern California Measurement on Saturn and Titan of upper atmospheric composition and structure, auroral processes, distribution of ions and neutral atoms. L. Lane JPL Measurement of brightness and polarization of light from Saturn and Titan; occultation measurement of small scale ring structure. W. Warwick Radiophysics, Inc. Determination of polarization and spectra of radio frequency emissions, plasma densities, rotation period of Saturn. F. Ness NASA Goddard Measurement of magnetic fields of Saturn and Titan, magnetospheric structure and interactions with Titan.

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