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By Gwendolyn Leick

This Dictionary provides a complete survey of the full variety of historical close to japanese structure from the Neolithic around huts in Palestine to the enormous temples of Ptolemaic Egypt. Gwendolyn Leick examines the improvement of the vital forms of old structure inside their geographical and ancient context, and describes good points of significant websites reminiscent of Ur, Nineveh and Babylon, in addition to a few of the lesser-known websites. She additionally covers the diversities of standard historical architectural buildings similar to pyramids, tombs and homes, info the construction fabric and strategies hired, and clarifies professional terminology.

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Very little remains of the ancient Mesopotamian metropolis except an extensive ruin-field in the vicinity of the Arab village of Hilla. The Euphrates, which used to run straight through the town, has shifted its course and almost all the remains of the early Babylon—it was the capital of the Amorite dynasty during the 2nd millennium BC—are below ground-water level and therefore out of reach for the predominantly German archaeologists who have been working on the site since 1899. They concentrated on the Babylon of the Neo-Babylonian period (c.

From the 12th C BC onwards, Arad became a fortified outpost in the south of the Judean kingdom. It had a square citadel (c. 50m on each side) with strong casemate walls built in fine ashlar masonry typical for Israelite fortifications. A sanctuary within the citadel is claimed to have been a Jewish temple. It consisted of a courtyard and a broad chamber at the entrance of which were two pillars, maybe similar to ‘Joachin and Boaz’ of Solomo’s Temple. A small room, more like a niche, protruded outwards from the wall opposite the entrance and contained two small stone altars and a ‘masseba’ (cult-stone).

Xviii. Important residential city of Assyrian kings and religious centre dedicated to the national god Assur. ) and consist of the archaic Ishtar temple with its shallow BREITRAUMcella. At the beginning of the 2nd millennium, Assyria emerged as an independent political power. Under the energetic king Shamshi-Adad I (c. 1814– 1782 BC), the town on its promontory overlooking the Tigris was fortified with ramparts and strong bastions in a semicircular outline. The temple of Assur, which had been begun during the reigns of Ilushuma and Irishum, was completed by Shamshi-Adad.

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