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Writer: big apple, D. Van Nostrand corporation book date: 1916 matters: Mechanics Notes: this can be an OCR reprint. there's typos or lacking textual content. There are not any illustrations or indexes. in the event you purchase the final Books variation of this booklet you get unfastened trial entry to the place you could make a choice from greater than 1000000 books at no cost. you may also preview the publication there.

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CHAPTER III KINETICS 23. Mass. The mass a body of is defined as the quantity of matter in the body. The mass of any body is determined by a beam scale. Such materials as coal, amounts is wood, iron, of mass. , represent With the exception certain of gases, mass a visible and an invariable quantity. All material particles of matter are by a force 24. Weight. attracted toward the center of the earth In any given body the lines of action of the forces acting on the particles which make up called gravity.

Work is measured by the product of the force and the distance through which the body moves, or W==Fs 33. Unit of (64) Since work Work. is measured by the product of the force and the distance, the unit is taken as that amount of work done by a unit force acting through a unit distance. The most generally used unit is the work done by a force of i pound acting through a distance of i foot, and it is called the foot-pound of work. Power the rate of doing work. In most cases the horse-power* is the unit, and is equiv34.

Formula (31) covers all possible It is evident that the VECTORS cases arising e from = o'',r = p+q; To subtract ^ 17 different values of = 9o°,r2 = ^2^^2. e Thus, when B. = iSo'',r = p-q. vector q from vector p let vector q have opposite sense (Fig. 6). 17. Resultant Velocity. single velocity which A is two simultaneous velocities is called and these two simultaneous velociresultant, equivalent to their are called the components. ties two component velocities be represented, c magnitude and direction, by If two adjacent sides, AB, AC, of a parallelogram, then their in resultant velocity will be rep- by the diagonal resented (Fig.

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