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By A. Treves, L. Maraschi, M. Abramowicz

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The periodic repetition of this simple scheme corresponds, on the average, very well with the facts; more was apparently not required, and, we may add, more was not obtainable with the available simple mathematical means which are described at the beginning of this section. 25 Accordingly, calendaric problems are seen to be the 'activating forces here as well as in the decanallists of the Middle and New Kingdom. The two Carlsberg papyri thus give us a very consistent picture of Egyptian stellar and lunar astronomy and its calendaric relations and are in best agreement with the level known from the mathematical papyri.

THE HELLENISTIC PERIOD 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Greek Spherical Astronomy Mathematical Geography Astrology Greek Mathematics From Hipparchus to Ptolemy Relations to Mesopotamia * This article was originally published in the Journal of Near Eastem Studies, 4, 1-38, 1945. The author wishes to thank the editors of these Publications for their suggestion to republish this article and the University of Chicago Press for their courtesy in agreeing with this proposal. Republication made it possible to add a new section on Jewish astronomy and to amplify the bibliography.

The creation of the modern methods of mathematics, on the other hand, is again most closely related to astronomy, which urgently required the development of more powerful new tools in order to exploit the vast possibilities which were opened by Newton's explanation of the movement of the celestial bodies by means of general principles of physics. The confidence of the great scientists of the modern era in the sufficiency of mathematics for the explanation of nature was largely based on the overwhelming successes of celestial mechanics.

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