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By John English

This publication is an advent to Ada ninety five. It makes use of an example-driven process which progressively develops small trivial courses into huge case-study style courses. the most emphasis of this booklet is on upkeep difficulties, and utilizing object-oriented know-how to jot down maintainable, extensible courses. software layout is brought through the e-book, with hypothetical upkeep eventualities used to shoe layout shortcomings. and revise them to accomodate upkeep wishes. functional matters equivalent to debugging courses are tackled, and demanding Ada beneficial properties no longer present in different languages are handled essentially and early on within the textual content. those comprise exception dealing with, user-defined forms, techniques, capabilities, programs and baby programs. Preface and entry to chapters three and 17 plus all examples and recommendations might be downloaded.

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Htm (13 of 14) [6/23/2003 8:36:19 AM] Ada 95: Chapter 2 Permission is given to redistribute this work for non-profit educational use only, provided that all the constituent files are distributed without change. htm (14 of 14) [6/23/2003 8:36:19 AM] Ada 95: Chapter 3 Previous Contents Next Chapter 3: Statements The statements was interesting, but tough. 1 If statements Let’s try a slightly more elaborate example than the ones we’ve seen so far. This one asks the user whether it’s morning or afternoon and then replies ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’ as appropriate.

3 Modify the Sum program to display the difference, product and quotient of the two numbers you type in as well as the sum. Think of a sensible name for the modified program instead of Sum. 4 Write a program which reads in three integers representing the length, width and height of a box in centimetres and displays the volume and the surface area of the box. Be sure to check your results are correct. For example, a box whose size is 1cm x 2cm x 3cm has a volume of 6 cm3 and a surface area of 22 cm2.

If you want an exception to be handled in different ways in different places, you need to enclose each such place in a begin ... end block. ’ in the evenings as well. 2 Modify the calculator program so that after evaluating an expression it asks the user if he or she wants to evaluate another expression. If the answer is ‘y’ or ‘Y’ (yes), evaluate another expression; if it’s ‘n’ or ‘N’ (no) exit from the program. ’ to distinguish cats and dogs from elephants and giraffes. If the user says it’s a household pet, ask if it purrs; if not, ask if it has a long neck.

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