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The gods of African religion are as near to them as their family, friends, and neighbors. The Spirit World 63 CHAPTER 5 RITES AND RITUAL IN AFRICAN RELIGION T o Africans belief without ritual action would take away much of religion’s natural power. Rites and ritual punctuate all aspects of African religious life. Religion is so deeply ingrained in the daily life of traditional Africa that it is all but impossible to separate it from other aspects of the culture. In an African community religion is the strongest influence on people’s thoughts, acts, and lives.

These gods have been brought into being as functionaries in the God-centered government of the universe. They are the divinities who do the spiritual work of managing the human world, and they are the ones people call on in times of trouble. They are local gods, intimately connected with local situations. Each of them is the god of a particular people with a specific function in ordering the total life of the community. Under their various names and functions the divinities form the pantheon of gods in each particular locality.

Character is all that is requisite. There is no destiny to be called unhappy in Ife city. Character is all that is requisite. (In E. ) The Spirit World 53 and Olodumare has delegated creative powers to him. As Olodumare’s deputy, he created the Earth and its arrangement as well as the physical part of human beings. ” Orunmilla Orunmilla is the Yoruba god of divination, the practice of seeking to discover future events or hidden knowledge in one’s life by consulting the superhuman world. The Yoruba believe that Olodumare has endowed Orunmilla with special wisdom and foreknowledge, so anyone wishing to know the future may consult Orunmilla through his priest, known as a babalawo.

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