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Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques (Pegasus Series)

The Command better half of Seamanship innovations is the most recent paintings from the well-respected marine writer, D J condo. It comprises the entire details wanted for command posts at sea. ?· All features of shipboard administration are mentioned, with specific emphasis put on healthiness and defense. ?· directions on the way to reply to injuries and emergencies at sea?

Janess Fighting Ships 1953-54

Справочник по кораблям военно-морских сил и флотов стран мира по состоянию на конец 1953 года.

Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice

Caters for marine engineer applicants for division of shipping Certification as Marine Engineer type One and sophistication . It covers many of the goods of ships electric apparatus and explains working ideas. David McGeorge is a former lecturer in Marine Engineering on the university of Maritime reviews, Warsash, Southampton.

100 Boat Designs Reviewed: Design Commentaries by the Experts (Woodenboat)

I consider a prior reviewer, in that some of the drawings had to be wiped clean up - much. a few real pictures might have vastly greater the e-book to boot! the canopy photograph is simply a teaser, and eventually turns into a dismal instance of the way great this publication might have been. additionally, i discovered this compilation, frequently be aware for be aware, duplicated some of the designs and outlines already coated within the "30/40/50 wood Boats" sequence.

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Numerical researches by Schatz et al. [3, pp. 385À390] defined the efficiency of such adjustable plates up to an angle of 52 . Bionics research by Kesel [471] of dragonfly wings has revealed the specific structure of their rear edge. Bechert investigated the influence of various forms of rear edge on the aerodynamic characteristics of a wing similar to aerodynamic profile HQ17, including modeling the back edge of a dragonfly wing [471]. All the tested designs increased the coefficient of lift force of the wing at angles of attack ranging from 5o to 10o, which is % % within the limits of angles used by modern planes in cruiser flight.

Triangular inserts (vortex generators) were installed flush behind the cabin in the separation zone. The vortex generator was designed by Skramstad [144]. The vortexgenerator design is such that when a separation zone occurs the triangular vortices generated are sucked out due to underpressure; rows of triangular wings were set in so that longitudinal vortical systems form behind the wings. Earlier, Bechert and Bannasch [110, 471] used rectangular plates with a similar purpose. Another method was developed Blackwelder and Gad-el-Hak [121].

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