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6-5 NUMERICAL DATA 5 L ϭ in. 25 in. BC ϭ 1 in. 25 in. 2 4 | H B| AS tave ϭ 2979 psi (b) FIND THE AVE BEARING STRESS σb,ave IN THE PIVOT PIN OVER SEGMENT AB. 9 m that are each attached to the plate by a clevis and pin (see figure). 0 m apart. 9°. For these conditions, first determine the cable forces T1 and T2, then find the average shear stress ␶aver in both pin 1 and pin 2, and then the average bearing stress ␴b between the steel plate and each pin. Ignore the mass of the cables. 9 m p b rad. 9a 180 p b rad.

What is the shear modulus of elasticity G of the chloroprene? P A sn ; SHEAR THROUGH PLATE (b) AVE. 6-9 A joint between two concrete slabs A and B is filled with a flexible epoxy that bonds securely to the concrete (see figure). 5 in. 002 in. relative to each other. (a) What is the average shear strain ␥aver in the epoxy? (b) What is the magnitude of the forces V if the shear modulus of elasticity G for the epoxy is 140 ksi? 0 in. 5 in. L ϭ 40 in. 002 in. 6-10 A flexible connection consisting of rubber pads (thickness t ϭ 9 mm) bonded to steel plates is shown in the figure.

4 a h = 7 in. W1 Ax A x B 9 in. h = 7 in. F 8 in. 125 in. D Bolt at B 2 ϫ 2 ϫ 1/8 in. 6-13 A y ϭ 170 lb NUMERICAL DATA tϭ 1 in. 8 h ϭ 7 in. 125 ϩ 6 b ϭ 2 in. W1 ϭ 10 lb W2 ϭ 40 lb 5 in. 25 in. (a) REACTIONS AT A Ax ϭ 0 L1 ϭ 25 in. 063 in2 sbB ϭ 4797 psi sbC ϭ 3246 psi links, each 12 mm long between the centers of the pins (see figure). You might wish to examine a bicycle chain and observe its construction. 5 mm. In order to solve this problem, you must now make two measurements on a bicycle (see figure): (1) the length L of the crank arm from main axle to pedal axle, and (2) the radius R of the sprocket (the toothed wheel, sometimes called the chainring).

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