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Q’Delayed(T) • Quantity Q delayed by T (ideal delay, T >= 0) @8u…v†‡rÃF7hxhyh…Ã6H9rr’Ã@H‚†r…  968((ÃWC9G6HTÃUˆ‡‚…vhy VHDL AMS Implicit Quantities (2) ♦ Q’Ltf(num, den) • Laplace transfer function whose input is Q ♦ Q’ZOH(T, initial_delay) • A sampled version of quantity Q (zero-order hold) ♦ Q’Ztf(num, den, T, initial_delay) • Z-domain transfer function whose input is Q ♦ S’Ramp(tr, tf) • A quantity that follows signal S, but with specified rise and fall times. t. time is limited by the specified slopes.

0; begin for i in beta’range loop bvs := bvs + beta(i) * vp(i); end loop; for i in gamma’range loop gvs := gvs + gamma(i) * vm(i); end loop; vo := bvs - gvs; end procedural; end architecture Proc; ♦ Allows writing equations using a sequential language • Supports all sequential statements except wait, signal assignment, break @8u…v†‡rÃF7hxhyh…Ã6H9rr’Ã@H‚†r…  968((ÃWC9G6HTÃUˆ‡‚…vhy VHDL AMS Generic Weighted Summer VHDL-AMS Architecture Body Revisited ♦ Using a simple simultaneous statement and an overloaded function architecture Simult of WeightedSummer is ...

YKL dout = ’1’ YLQ  YKL YLQ ! YKL unstable WLPHRXW YLQ  YOR dout = ’X’ YLQ !

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