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By David L. Clarke

This learn used to be well-established as a pioneer paintings on archaeological method, the theoretical foundation of all archaeological research regardless of the interval or period. the 1st variation of the ebook awarded and evaluated the unconventional adjustments in method which derived from advancements in different disciplines, resembling cybernetics, desktop technology and geography, through the Nineteen Fifties and ‘60s. It argued that archaeology was once a coherent self-discipline with its personal equipment and approaches and tried to outline the entities (attributes, artefacts, varieties, assemblages, cultures and tradition teams) carefully and always so they should be utilized to archaeological info. The later version persisted an identical normal concept, that is unprecedented in its scope and intensity, including notes to aid figuring out of the advances in process and concept to help the coed archaeologist.

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"One may well enterprise that this is often an important archaeological paintings for twenty or thirty years, and it'll definitely impact a number of destiny generations of archaeologists." the days Literary Supplement

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Introduction and polemic 19 H. and J. von Lawick-Goodall 1970). The specifically hominid feature remains the phenomenon of culture - learned as well as instinctive modes of behaviour, with its material implementation, and its acquisitive transmission from individual to individual and from group to group. iv The aims of archaeology The aims of archaeology are of course the sum of the aims of archaeologists and prehistorians in general. Consequently, there are as many different aims in archaeology as there are archaeologists; some archaeologists see their role as historians, others consider themselves palaeoecologists.

The observation and record of the specific and contextual attributes of archaeological artefacts is not a procedure capable of producing final lists of definitive, unimpeachable facts. Nevertheless, various aids and a measure of agreement based on a common discipline will enable Introduction and polemic 15 archaeologists to decide which attributes are ‘certainly’ worth investi­ gating and which can be discarded temporarily. Which are the attributes ‘certainly’ worth investigating? Archaeologists agree that those attributes which can only have been produced on the raw material by human action are the attributes most worthy of careful study.

Here the term archaeologist is warped to mean the unintelligent ‘excavator’ or the narrow-minded ‘specialist’ - the term prehistorian thus acquiring a rosy flush of dilettante virtue at the expense of the devalued archaeologist. It is this attempt to convey smooth historical narrative as the essence of pre­ historic studies, in the total absence of the record appropriate to that art and in the presence of records of a quite peculiar and especial nature - the artefacts, which we may well view as ‘counterfeit’ history.

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