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By Gwendolyn Leick

The single English-language e-book of its style, this dictionary provides a finished survey of the complete variety of historic close to jap structure: from the Neolithic around huts in Palestine to the enormous temples of Ptolemaic Egypt. Leick describes the differences of general old architectural constructions corresponding to pyramids, tombs and homes, information the construction fabric and methods hired, and clarifies expert terminology.

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The reasons for this preference are not known. During the Ur III period (c. 2112–2004 BC) it was generally replaced by a straight line approach. See also AXIS. Beth-Shan (modern Beisan) Palestine, see map p. xix. Eighteen levels of occupation, ranging from the Chalcolithic to Arab times, were discovered. The archaeological reports, especially those concerning architecture, only deal with levels IX to VII (c. 14th and 13th C BC). Of interest are the so-called Canaanite Temples. The installation of level IX had a longitudinal and irregular layout.

But it appears that temples, for instance, could have several storeys, or that their main hall was higher than the surrounding rooms. ARCHITRAVE Pylon, relief on the temple walls at Edfu Assyrian palace-reliefs feature townscapes, fortresses and temples from various parts of the empire, such as the shield-hung, spear-crowned temple of Musasir and the crenellated forts of Urartu or Elam. Egyptian architectural representations on papyri, tomb-paintings and templereliefs represent mainly examples of domestic architecture: brightly painted columns and garlanded interiors.

Altars in Egypt were often shaped like Anatolia, see map p. xv. URARTIAN site (9th C BC) with an important temple of the SUSI type. The shrine was set towards the back of a square courtyard (27m× 27m) which was open to the sky but surrounded on all sides by a flat-roofed colonnade with twenty wooden columns on stone bases. 80m). The single small CELLA (5m×5m) contained the image of the state god Haldi. The cella and the walls of the colonnade were originally decorated with paintings, as in other The architectural remains of interest date from the Hittite period (c.

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