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By Alex C. Michalos

This monograph describes the contributions to our present knowing of caliber of existence made by way of an important old philosophers within the Western culture. It does so from the perspective of a latest researcher in caliber of lifestyles or human overall healthiness. Revisiting historic texts from approximately six hundred BCE to three hundred BCE, the booklet explores the earliest principles in recorded western philosophical and medical heritage that have been considerably relating to present learn and figuring out of the standard of existence or health and wellbeing for people and groups. It examines the issues and strategies present in those texts and their connection to nonetheless present basic concerns and questions corresponding to: ‘What is an effective life?’, ‘What is the simplest kind of individual to be?’ ‘How can one inform if one’s society is making development to a couple type of fascinating kingdom or falling backwards?’ The publication exhibits that throughout time and throughout many cultures, the human species bears a few extraordinary similarities.

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Since this theory is a species of the more generic social comparison theory (Merton and Kitt 1950), Democritus may be considered a pioneer of the latter as well. Ancient Views on the Quality of Life 26 Hippocrates of Cos (c. 450–c. 380 BCE) Source: Wikimedia Although a great deal has been written about him, very little is known about this most famous physician from the island of Cos in the southern part of Ionia. In the Protagoras, Plato referred to him as an Asclepiad, meaning “from the family of Asclepius” (Hippocrates 1923, p.

Another part of the same fragment quoted above clarifies his view of justice and its relation to a good life. …Justice is a matter of not transgressing what the NOMOI prescribe in whatever city you are a citizen of. A person would make most advantage of justice for himself if he treated the NOMOI as important in the presence of witnesses, and treated the decrees of PHYSIS as important when alone and with no witnesses present. For the decrees of NOMOI are extra additions, those of the PHYSIS are necessary; those of the NOMOI are the products of agreement, not of natural growth, whereas those of PHYSIS are the products of natural growth, not of agreement (McKirahan 1994, pp.

217) provided an excellent summary of the Cyrenaics’ quite distinct views. Cyrenaics…laid down that there are two states, pleasure and pain, the former a smooth, the latter a rough motion, and that pleasure does not differ from pleasure nor is one pleasure more pleasant than another. The one state is agreeable and the other repellent to all living things. However, the bodily pleasure which is the end is…not the settled pleasure following the removal of pains, or the sort of freedom from discomfort which Epicurus accepts and maintains to be the end.

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